Samson Blinded: A Machiavellian Perspective on the Middle East Conflict
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Palestinian liberties in Israel

Edward Said’s own examples contradict his accusations of the suppression of Palestinian liberties in Israel. Said, a Palestinian of known anti-Israeli views, had no trouble bringing a crew to Jerusalem to film an anti-Israeli movie. Israel shuts down anti-Israeli Palestinian magazines if they violate the Israeli law against incitement. Israel upholds Israeli Arabs’ civil rights even during a war with Palestine. Edward Said repeatedly says he met no hostility from Israeli Jews, people his Palestinians compatriots have been murdering for a century, but he supports Palestinian terrorism.

Edward Said laments three Palestinians killed on the barricades in Hebron and many more injured in the subsequent fighting with Israeli troops. There were four hundred religious Jews settled in Hebron near places of Jewish biblical importance. A huge Palestinian mob assembled at the barricades to the Jewish quarters to throw the Jews out. The Israeli guards fired warning shots, but the situation became a full-blown encounter in which Israelis killed only three Palestinian attackers.

Edward Said frets that Israeli “paranoid” desire for security drove Israel to erect a checkpoint at Bethlehem, where the Israeli troops a;ready killed one Palestinian. But how many Israelis did Palestinian terrorists from Bethlehem kill before Israel put up the checkpoint? The Palestinian whom Israelis killed there was not likely a peaceful Arab.