Samson Blinded: A Machiavellian Perspective on the Middle East Conflict
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Cruelty and torture of Palestinian terrorists in Israel

Edward Said says Israel alone sanctions torture, though many states, certainly all Islamic states, use it. The U.S.S.R., always an Arab sponsor, practically institutionalized torture, and the former Soviet republics use it. Israel pragmatically admits the need to use physical pressure on Islamic terrorist suspects—and regulates it. Indeed, often the only way for Israel to save lives is by making Islamic terrorists talk. A brutal conflict is going on in the Middle East, and Israel cannot oppose Islamic terrorism with due process. In fact, until recently, torturing suspects was licit even in civilized countries, and any police officer will tell you that abandoning it lets many criminals slip away—a luxury unaffordable when Israel deals with Islamic terrorists.[1]

Professor Said is eager to point out Israeli brutality. Israel imprisoning Palestinian terrorists and their Arab supporters should hardly raise an eyebrow, lest during Arab-Israeli war, but even that is nothing compared to what Edward Said admits the Palestinian government does to its own people, arresting them en masse, torturing and murdering the Palestinian opposition. Israeli rule would be an improvement, though Edward Said criticizes Israeli prisons where Islamic terrorists are held, not the Palestinian jails, full of Arabs whose only crime is opposition to the Palestinian Administration.

[1] America handed captured Saddam to Iraqi prosecutors, instead of pressing him to reveal hideouts of hisassociates and relatives, locations of Iraqi WMD laboratories, and details on Iraqi intelligence dealings with Islamic terrorists. The American refusal to extract this information from Saddam by whatever means is detestable on the backdrop of American casualties for the same goals. The American government found it easier to sacrifice its soldiers than to torture a fellow ruler.