Samson Blinded: A Machiavellian Perspective on the Middle East Conflict
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Palestinian terrorism in Israel

Edward Said tacitly endorses Palestinian terrorism, not entirely without reason, since terrorist warfare is the only way to fight a more powerful Israeli enemy. Yet Professor Said ignores the consequences. If the Palestinian terrorists who attack Israeli civilians are right, then why should the Israeli Defense Forces not reply in kind? Why protect Palestinian civilians who are not hostages and actively support the Islamic terrorists?

Edward Said opposed changing the Palestinian Liberation Organization charter, which sets the goal of destroying Israel on the ground that unspecified Israeli laws discriminate against Arabs. Yet no Israeli law prescribes killing Palestinians.

Edward Said says the Palestinians and the Islamic terrorists have the right to use any means to reach their anti-Israeli goals. Professor Said admires the tactics of Mandela’s African National Congress and recommends it to the Palestinians to fight Israel, while admitting that Mandela’s outfit committed every imaginable crime, including murder and corruption. Why Edward Said denies Israel the same right is not clear.

Though he admires the South African scenario, Edward Said ignores the real situation there: the most prosperous and stable African country is steadily slipping into civil war, corruption, nepotism, economic decay, and desolation. The same will happen in Palestine if it separates from Israel, as happened after Israel closed her borders to Palestinians in response to the intifada. Few Palestinians value independence from Israel that highly.

Edward Said calls attacks of Palestinian suicide bombers on Israel “desperate acts of the weak.” Desperate people act on their own. The Palestinians cold-bloodedly send children on suicide bombings in Israel, children drawn in from the Islamic terrorist web, indoctrinated, and sent to death to buy Palestinians mass media coverage in Israel with their lives. Palestinian leaders use young people for suicide missions against Israel because they are easier to convince than adults, or are we supposed to believe that Palestinian children are desperate to die? Juliet, perhaps, but not of Joan of Arc. Children know nothing of ideology, except what adults feed them.