Samson Blinded: A Machiavellian Perspective on the Middle East Conflict
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Edward Said requires Israelis to sympathize with the Palestinians

Edward Said says Israelis must be compassionate with Palestinians. Are we normally compassionate with sworn enemies? Do Palestinians deserve Israeli support? No Palestinian rises to defend the rights of the Tutsi, the Kurds, the Russian Jews, nor did any Palestinian of note protest the Arab invasions of Israel in 1948 and afterward. Why should Israel sympathize with the Palestinians?

Edward Said says the Palestinians are weak and need support, yet the power of the whole Muslim world is assembled on behalf of the Palestinians against Israel, even if nominally. Israel won in 1948 all by herself. The Palestinians are not weaker that Israelis; they are less determined, simply because most of the Palestinians do not care about Palestinian homeland and statehood issues. Even Edward Said admits he has not visited Palestine since his childhood. The Arabs started talking morals only when the could not get their way against Israel with violence.

While Israelis are ready to fight and die for the Land of Israel, the Palestinians plead their “position as dispossessed people.” Being dispossessed of territory is hardly relevant. No Arab arose to defend ancient Israel from the Seleucids or the Romans or to defend the dispossessed Jews who flooded Palestine after World War II. No Arab helped the United States against the British or Mexico against the United States. Israel is perhaps the most legal state ever created, combining historical premises, land purchases, and an act of the international community carried out with historically minimal force.