Samson Blinded: A Machiavellian Perspective on the Middle East Conflict
[ Palestinian people lost the war with Israel ] [ Jewish and Palestinian settlements ]

Many Palestinians do not want to return to Israel

Edward Said says there are four million homeless Palestinian refugees from Israelómore than the population of Palestine in 1948. Between two and six hundred thousand Palestinian people emigrated during the Arab-Israeli war, and many Palestinians quickly resettled in other countries. The greatly improved conditions in the U.N.-sponsored Palestinian settlements produced a population explosion. Should Israel build homes for these Palestinians? The Arabs are not homeless and live better than their grandparents before the exile from Israel and many people in other Arab countries. Neither are the Palestinians homeless spiritually, living a few miles from their grandparentsí places. How Edward Said imagines Israel can possibly absorb enough Arabs double Israel's current Jewish population?

Edward Said says all (!) young Palestinians want to marry Americans and emigrate, which confirms the conclusion that the people in the Palestinian refugee camps are not patriots but only too uneducated and untrained to get out. Edward Said admits that Israel went the extra mile trying to resolve the Palestinian refugee problem, offering money and visa arrangements to resettle the Palestinians in Arab countries and Latin America.