Samson Blinded: A Machiavellian Perspective on the Middle East Conflict
[ Inequality in Palestinian towns and Jewish settlements ] [ Pro-Palestinian lies ]

Equality requires applying much harsher standards to Israelis than to Palestinians

Edward Said does not appeal to equality unless it benefits the Palestinians. He applies a much harsher standard to Jews than to Arabs. Edward Said calls an attack by a Jewish faction on Arab terrorists or armed bandits hiding in Arab Dir Yassin “an atrocity by the Haganah,”but does not mention about routine looting of Israeli convoys to besieged Jerusalem and the murder of Israeli civilian personnel and the wounded by the Palestinian villagers who also harbored the Arab terrorists. Nor does Edward Said decry the Arab massacre of a convoy of Israeli doctors and nurses to Mt. Scopus Hospital during the same siege. Arabs had no qualms killing Israeli civilians in overrun kibbutzim and killed 850 Israeli civilians in four months after the U.N. resolution on partition of Palestine. The press holds the Palestinians to less rigorous standards. Being barbarian has its advantages: the Palestinians may be inhumane, but the Israeli Defense Forces must observe rigorous ethical rules.

Other examples of Edward Said’s bias are too numerous to mention, but see this. How, Edward Said asks, can the Lebanese forgive Israel for a twenty-two-year occupation? Just as the Israelis can forgive the Lebanese for shelling Israel from the north for years. And how can the Lebanese forgive the Palestinians for religious massacres? Are the Lebanese grateful to Israel for stopping them?

Edward Said tosses labels of inequality and chauvinism about at random. It is not chauvinism if Israelis want to live separately; people prefer houses to a caravansary. The Jews have no problems with people of many other nations living in Israel, even Arabs. Their opposition to Palestine does not stem from Jewish nationalism but from the Palestinians’ well-documented hostility to Israel.