Samson Blinded: A Machiavellian Perspective on the Middle East Conflict
[ Palestinians reject Israel's right to exist ]

Conclusion about Edward Said's The End of the Peace Process

Edward Saidís book advances radical slogans. Never does Professor Said suggest anything practical for the Palestinians, nor did he fight Israel or demonstrate. From New York City, Edward Said encouraged the Palestinians to stick to their unrealistic demands to Israel instead of getting on with their lives under tolerant Israeli administration. Edward Said retained his American citizenship while supporting Palestinians who rejoiced at 9/11 and other Islamic terrorist attacks against America.

Edward Said lacks realism because he does not understand history. National borders change constantly. Nations come and go or are dismantled. The balance of power is amoral, and power belongs to those who are willing to pursue their principles ruthlessly, especially when those principles involve no murder or looting but only a desire to reestablish the biblical entity. The Palestinians do not stand a chance against Israel. Palestinian people have no distinctive culture, no attachment to the Land of Israel, no national or religious identity. They are dispersed, disliked by Jews as sworn enemies and by other Arabs as rascals, brigands, and terrorists. Even if a Palestinian state is created, its Arab neighbors will swallow it up.

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