Samson Blinded: A Machiavellian Perspective on the Middle East Conflict
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We have to understand that the world isn't 'right, moral or ethical' in what it does, nor is the history of the world any such thing

Shoher correctly wrote about Chomsky, "Regardless of how misguided and idealistic are Chomsky's views, I deeply respect him as a voice of conscience, reminding us of morality where we prefer efficiency and of compassion where we pursue self-interest."

Overall, this is an interesting and unique view on the problem in the Middle East. Though I donít agree with everything he says, he does make a few good points, and itís worth reading for that aloneÖeven the points I donít agree with are interesting to contemplate.

Shoher is very critical of Israel, but rationally and lovingly so

Objectivity and lack of passions being unavailable in this field of study, I recommend an honest advocate of another side, such as Obadiah Shoher's Samson Blinded: A Machiavellian Perspective on the Middle East Conflict. Shoher, at least, doesn't idealize America and Israel.

Shoher writes not for idealists. He is veteran politician, and knows how the things really work. If Chomsky sits on top of ivory tower, Shoher is in the swamp of daily affairs.

I donít see Shoher as bigoted or racist. He writes about terrorists with unusual respect.

It's not pretty. It flies in the face of all the pronouncements of human rights commissions of all flavors, but it recognizes what is real and what is taking place in the world, and tells it like it is. Sometimes "what is" isn't nice, and isn't humane, but like it or not, it IS.

It looks interesting as well...

Samson Blinded holds that Arab militancy rises whenever Israel appears weak

...endorses the US-designated terrorist Kahane movementís explicit goal of ďtransferĒ of all Arabs from Israel, and then goes even further...

In Samson Blinded, Obadiah Shoher provides a philosophic approach to understanding the Middle East conflict, with a strong Machiavellian bent that would surely make the University of Chicago Straussians proud.

The only thing he does is show and explain why Israel exists and what it has to do to keep on existing

And the author of this book makes the point that once one side decides to gain property through war and violence, they're setting the rules of a game that others may decide to play.

There are actually some things in that book that I would agree with that would be great insights in a different context, and some other things that can be thought, but not said.

Hi; I lookeda at the web site Sampson Blinded...... I saw alot of Anti -Israel rethoric there.. I cannot publish the message.... Moderator XYZ SHuls