Samson Blinded: A Machiavellian Perspective on the Middle East Conflict
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Solve terrorism in Israel, February 20, 2006
Reviewer: A reader
I haven't finished reading the book yet but I think I get the point, and I've read the reviews on this site, so I think I have a pretty good overview of where this book takes us. I want to review it now.

I won't join the other critics who intensely despise or intensely support this book. I won't make that kind of an argument out of it. The other reviewers are welcome to do that, and I don't blame them for it.

This book advises Israel to kick some butt. Throw the Arabs out of Israel. Take on some of the neighboring Arab states with an Israeli invasion, and occupy the capitals. Don't worry about civilian casualties. Win the respect of Arab countries by kicking their butts. Take over the region.

The author forewarns us that he is being Macchiavellian. In other words, he is ignoring morality and just being a practical realist.

I don't think Israel could pull it off. I don't think Israel is as strong as the author thinks it is. I think that such an aggressive Israel would find itself militarily exhausted and defeated.

The author doesn't shy away from the nuclear option for Israel, but I would. I don't think that even Iran would nuke Israel. I really don't. There is just too much of a stigma against nuking anyone. I think even Iran, even Saddam Hussein, would shy away from nuking Israel. And if Israel were to nuke someone else, I think Israel would be erasing that stigma and opening themselves up to nuclear retaliation as soon as an Arab nation became able to do so, which isn't far in the future, is it.

I have no doubt that Saddam Hussein would use chemical and biological weapons against Israel, and I wouldn't be surprised to learn that the scuds he airmailed to Israel had such weapons in the warheads. I know he used chemical and biological weapons against American troops, regardless of the fact that the Americans deny it, out of embarrassment over the fact that America gave those weapons to him.

Where are the weapons of mass destruction that Saddam Hussein supposedly had? Well, they were already used against American troops. They were spent. And plenty of American soldiers with Gulf War Syndrome have the proof of that in their bloodstream and their respiratory system, and have passed Gulf War Syndrome to their wives and children.

One of America's dirty little secrets is that our troops were already hit with WMDs by Iraq. The alarms, warning of chemical and biological weapons in the air, went off hundreds of times during the short war, and the military damn well knows it. Powder landed on our skin and burned it. We took illnesses home with us from Iraq. The VA hospitals aren't dealing with it, and the victims aren't getting the care they need.

The Arab world is alarming. They are deadly and will definitely attack Israel with WMDs every chance they get.

The Arab populace will continue to bomb Israeli school buses. Israel needs to protect its children. Israel can't afford to argue with so-called liberals. Israel needs to protect its children. That has to be priority number one.

I think that a lot of the arguments in this book, the ones that go way too far, are products of frustration. No, we can't tell Israel to start nuking and invading. No.

But there are still some excellent points in this book. For example, and there are many, I agree with the author that OPEC has no right to exist and should be destroyed. We don't allow monopolies in America, and the Arabs do not have the moral right to rake us over the coals over oil. They do not have the right to monopolize oil. Nobody does. Oil is too damn essential to the world. Nobody should be allowed to monopolize it. I would agree with military experts like Rommel that lack of oil is the one and only reason why he lost the North African campaign.

I think it is insane to tolerate the Arab monopoly on oil. It shouldn't be allowed to be run as a monopoly. We can and should stop that.

I also agree with the author that the reason we don't do a thing about it, "we" being America, is because our oil companies are making a fortune from the inflated price of oil. The way I would put it, our oil companies are traitors to America, enjoying the system of ripping us all off, because they are on the take. OPEC should be destroyed and the price of oil should become competitive. It can easily be done, but it won't be, because our government is in bed with big oil, and big oil is in on the scam. It's their monopoly as well as OPEC's.

Most of all, I agree with the author's frustration, his fury, his demand to DO SOMETHING! I wouldn't do what he's suggesting in its entirety, but I'd sure want to do something more.

I understand that Germany has outlawed public antisemitism. Someone in Germany does not have the "freedom of speech" to make a Hitlerian speech in public. Good. I have no problem with that limit on free speech.

Even America places limits on free speech. The Supreme Court limits freedom of speech when it presents a clear and present danger and can be compared to yelling FIRE in a crowded theatre.

Well? Isn't that the case in Israel? Hitler and Goebbels knew the value of propaganda. Propaganda leads to murder. I believe that certain things should be illegal to say, in Israel. I believe that certain propagandists in Israel, including in the Palestinian sections, should be deported for the things they say. I believe it should be a crime to spread hatred in this land that really can't afford any more hatred.

Is a Jew advocating the murder of Arabs? That shouldn't be allowed. Is an Arab advocating the destruction of the Jews? That shouldn't be allowed. There should be certain guidelines in place, certain things that simply should not be tolerated. Haters who cross a line of expressing hatred should be deported. I don't know exactly where that line should be, but something or other along these lines should be attempted.

When I hear that the Arab media, Arab schools, Arab mosques, within Israel and Palestine, are spreading hatred of Jews, I have to believe that this situation should be stopped. If Jews are doing the same, stop that too. Put your foot down. Deport the haters. Get rid of them.

Could I ever be brought to the conclusion that Israel should deport all Arabs? It is theoretically possible. Yes. If other solutions are tried and fail, and the only way to protect your children is to deport the entire population of Arabs, then you have to do it. You can't just allow your children to ride on school buses that keep getting bombed by haters.

Israel is the one nation on Earth for Jews to run to, the next time a Hitler arises somewhere. The rest of the world doesn't want to have to accommodate an influx of Jews. Israel will take them. That is the purpose of Israel. It is a haven for Jews. It should stay that way. It needs to be the little part of the world where Jews can run to, next time. And it should be made a lot safer to live in. Get it done.

What kind of crappy deal were the Jews given in 1948. You can have Israel, but it won't be a safe place for you. Gee thanks a lot. We see that some of you made it out of the frying pan, so you are welcome to jump right into the fire.

The world has done a really crappy job of giving the Jews a safe haven after the Holocaust. Why the hell can't they do better! Since Israel was the spot selected by the U.N. in 1948, well dammit make Israel liveable for Jews.

Israel is a special country, special because it was designed for a purpose, by the United Nations, that purpose being to provide a homeland for Jews in trouble in the future. So? So do it. Give that tiny little speck on the map to the Jews and make it safe for them. If the Palestinians can't live with that, then kick them the hell out. Just do what it takes to provide the Jews with their little safe haven. It's a little late now to say oops, we shouldn't have given you Israel, we should have given you something else.