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Yet another 7,000 fake Jews

The government has capitulated to human rights groups and allowed the “Bnei Menashe” Hindus to immigrate to Israel.

The bizarre part is that they will need to undergo conversion to Judaism before immigration, which means that they are not Jews as of now.

The “Bnei Menashe” claim their remote ancestors were Jewish. So also claim the Ethiopian Falash Mura Christians, some 4,000 of whom are also preparing to enter Israel.

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Bnei Menashe fake Jews is something awful. But the worst thing about it is that the government has no remorse as for their entering the country! As if Arabs were not enough!Bnei Menashe fake Jews is a shame for the world society and Jews in particular.

Brad ColumbusOH 26 June 2010

T-50 news become very important in this respect: when there’re so many “foreigners” in the country, it’s necessary to be prepared.

Quinton BozemanMT 26 June 2010

Israelis are fake Jews. Or they’ll become ones if the number of “immigrants” doesn’t decrease. Israelis are fake Jews only because of the government and its strange policy!

Graham CharlestonWV 27 June 2010

Zionists and Muslims, leave alone Ethiopians or Indians or whowever they are, won’t be able to share the country which has been Jewish from the very beginning.

Theron CorpusChristiTX 27 June 2010

How can such asian faces become Israelites
these bnei menashe people doesn’t resemble any jewish features on their faces, their faces are the exact opposite of pure jews

Avelina tuguegarao 24 November 2011

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