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Yeshiva University director arrested

Yeshiva University’s director has been arrested by the FBI for $50 billion fraud. Bernard Madoff, director of Yeshiva University’s business school, defrauded institutional investors in a Ponzi scheme.

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The anti-Semites come out of the woodworks!

Tkv BrooklynNY 13 December 2008

Your so right. Look what the Jewish folks of Wall Street have wrought. 2 trillion here 50 billion there… I hope they indict every charity he supported for illegal receipt of stolen funds and all the elitist from all the country clubs are begging in the streets. These peoples fathers and mothers are rolling in there graves to see what they have done with their honest hard work. This generation sucks! Now its as financially bankrupt as it is philosophically. Those that believe they can do no wrong do the most harm.

Ollie LosAngeles 13 December 2008

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