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Yes, Jews share a gene

European Jewish organizations are up in arms over comments made by a board member of Germany’s Bundesbank, who said that Jews share a common gene.

What exactly is wrong with that? Numerous studies have found a common genetic lineage among Jews. Some of these ‘racist’ studies were financed by the Israeli government through local universities.

The truth is that the self-appointed leaders of the Jewish Diaspora strive to assimilate and become indistinguishable from their gentile friends. The remark on Jewish genetics is painful for them because it reminds them of their origin, and the impossibility of total assimilation.

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100% correct. Secular/unaligned Jews, afraid of their own shadow, are desperate to assimilate into a world that hates them. The only solution for Jews is to stand strong. Fortress Israel is a good thing, and exactly what the Torah mandates: a nation apart.

Jake 30 August 2010

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