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Wow! We're moving right

53 out of the 120 members of Israeli Knesset signed a petition demanding that Israeli government support Jewish community in Hebron. Hebron is the capital of King David and the place where the Patriarchs are buried. Abraham bought the first land plot in Canaan just where the Jews live now in Hebron.
Arabs massacred Jewish religious community of Hebron in 1929. Israeli government bars the Jews from buying real estate in Hebron, and refuses returning the 1929 property to Jewish heirs.

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Israel must learn their future from their past, otherwise regretts the future.

Rudolf HONIARA 02 November 2007

B”H The only reason it wasn’t more was because ministers and dep. ministers are not allowed to sign petitions. Plus, one Sha”S MK was out of the country. I believe it would have been a lot more than 53. No let’s see them put their money where their mouths are.

Ben-Yehudah Shomron 04 November 2007

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