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Would the US pay the Islamists?

Muslim Brotherhood in EgyptAn Egyptian delegation is in talks with US congressmen over a fateful decision: will the United States continue its $1.3 billion annual aid to Egypt after the country falls to the Muslim Brotherhood and Salafists in democratic elections?

The aid is theoretically non-military, but everyone understands that it allows the Egyptian government to transfer a similar amount to the army. Indeed, the Egyptian delegation is formed mostly of army officials.

On one hand, the US cannot refuse Egypt the aid it needs without greatly alienating the country. On the other hand, the aid would now clearly be used to bolster the armed forces of a radical Muslim state. Even the Iranian parliament now has more secular members than its Egyptian counterpart.

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The president of the u.s. supports the nation of Islam. He to me is another socialist living in a fantacy world. It is obvious what his mindset is. I almost want to put another name to him but I know I would be called lunatic. Someone once said tell a lie long enough and it will become truth.

alana morris 04 February 2012

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