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World condemns Israel's barbarity

UNRWA warns it lacks the fuel to deliver food aid to Gazans who receive it for 60 years. The Red Cross warns of humanitarian crisis in Gaza. Abbas slams Israeli blockade of Gaza as preventing peace in the Middle East. Crowds protest Israeli blockade of Gaza in Sudan, Malaysia, and scores of other countries. US ambassador to the UN demanded that Israel considers the effect of blockade on Gaza’s civilians (America was apparently so considerate of German and Japanese civilians during the war). A mob of loyal Israeli Arabs assembled at Erez Crossing trying to break the blockade. Jewish defenders of Arab (not Sderot’s people) human rights petitioned Israeli Supreme Court to lift the blockade. UN Security Council is expected to pass resolution commanding the Jewish state to open its borders to Palestinian terrorists from Gaza.
Curiously, the world ignores that Egypt, too, blockades Gaza since July.
The population of Gaza remains united in its support for Hamas and defying Israeli sanctions. It would be great victory for Hamas when Israel removes the blockade of Gaza in a few days.

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Zello 08 May 2008

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