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Words of truth from Sarkozy

Nicolas SarkozyJewish organizations slammed the French president for saying that Israel with her two million Arabs cannot be called a Jewish state, and that Netanyahu is wrong to demand that from the Palestinians.

Now, what’s wrong with this opinion? Rabbi Kahane held that same opinion, and we ourselves have been saying the same thing for years. Only the Israeli government fails to acknowledge that commonsense fact.

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G-D did not give the arabs , THE LAND OF ISRAEL,
HE gave it to ABRAHAM !

Donald Barnes Grenada,Ms.38902 08 October 2011


Carole ColwynBay 09 October 2011

This is because you deliberately confuse Jewish with religion.
Jewish is Judean, it’s nationality.

v 09 October 2011

(3 was my comment)
Religions will die long before nationalities will.
Sarkozy is a prick, he could as well have said that France is not French because they got 10 million Arabs and other Muslims there.

It’s so tiring to read this equivocation of Jewish with “Mosaic” {as in Mosses}.
Stop imposing your religion on others.
We can stand together secular and religious Jews and fight for our country.

Viiit 09 October 2011

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