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Winograd report makes Sderot residents suffer

Israeli government ministers, wary of the blame Winograd commission put on Olmert for attacking Lebanon, refuse to authorize the IDF’s invasion of Gaza. Gideon Ezri rejected the invasion of Gaza because it would harm Arab civilians; that the Kassams harm Jewish civilians doesn’t concern Ezri.
Palestinians shower Sderot with Kassam missiles. Moderate Abu Mazen took no steps to stop the attacks.
The IDF, including Chief of Staff Gabi Ashkenazi and OC Southern Command Galant push for invasion, warn Hamas becomes as strong as Hezbollah. Iran, Syria, and Saudi Arabia massively aid the Hamas. The IDF – its hands tied by the government – cannot even attack the well-known plants where the Palestinians manufacture Kassam missiles.

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Zello 16 May 2008

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