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Winograd report: lawyers judge warfare

The decision to go to war with Lebanon was correct (Who doubted that?)
The war ended without victory (What is a possible victory against terrorist organization? Invade Lebanon, as we tried and didn’t succeed before? Scorch half of Lebanon with napalm? Kill all bearded Lebanese?)
Last-minute ground operation was correct, but unsuccessful (How could a decision for a stupid two-day war be possibly correct?)
Both army and the government are to blame for errors (Doesn’t take brains to realize that much)
No officials are charged with failures (Winograd committee plays it nice)
The report basically exonerates Olmert.

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“Scorch half of Lebanon with napalm? Kill all bearded Lebanese?” Yes. Only results count. How well be standing at the end? That’s all. I say kill them all. Now. Otherwise, they’ll kill all Israelis. And in the name of what? Kill them all, now and leave it to historians. Throw all arabs out of Israel. Kill those who resist.

Jorge Banner BuenosAires 31 January 2008

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