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Why Israel lost to Hezbollah: a drug dealer sentenced

The Nazareth court “found” the culprit responsible for the IDF’s failures. Israeli Arab Raid Mazareb, a drug dealer, passed unclassified information to his fellow drug dealer in Lebanon during the war. Mazareb got his information from newspapers. Mazareb was sentenced while newspaper editors weren’t.

Israel lost the war because of her unwillingness to sentence the Arab traitors and Jewish media which abetted them.

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e maps israel
e map israel

Zello 10 May 2008

ARAB NEWS OF A DRUG DEALER sounds very funny as well as the results of this news for this drug dealer. ARAB NEWS OF A DRUG DEALER shows that neither Jewish government nor Jewish media bother to think at least sometimes.

Shan MilwaukeeWI 25 June 2010

Ammo used in Gaza and against Arabs in generl should include white phosphorus definitely for their drug dealers to be more careful.

Amaury NorfolkVA 25 June 2010

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