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Why does Hamas risk war with Israel?

HamasHamas is allowing PIJ to mount an increasing number of rocket and mortar attacks on Israel. While there is an element of spiraling escalation, with both Israel and the Arabs exchanging blows to satisfy their voters, this is hardly a good time for Hamas to provoke Israel into a war. Hamas is preoccupied with helping the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and increasing its presence in the West Bank. Israeli intervention in Gaza would jeopardize those efforts.

Neither would Iran be wise to draw Israel into another Cast Lead, because a lost war in Gaza would damage Iranian prestige and might even halt its regional expansion. With Rafah Crossing soon to be opened, Iran would do better to wait a few months to beef up Hamas’s arsenals.

In superficial analysis, Hamas shells Israel to shake the West Bank Arabs out of their complacency. Presumably they would riot if Israel were to attack Gaza. But Hamas cannot be that stupid: it is common knowledge that West Bank Arabs hate Gazans and wouldn’t rise to defend them.

Not impossibly, Hamas and Iran escalate the conflict to incite riots among Israeli Arabs. A major unrest in the north would allow Hezbollah to intervene.

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The politicians always think that they know what’s best for the Jewish people, but only G-d knows that and He already told us what to do–-fight for the land and get rid of those who refuse to live in peace. The “House of Darkness” (UN) is already stirring, demanding a ceasefire, which is another word for surrender to terror and hope they won’t hit us again. Of course, the current unnamed leader of Hamas lost no time in getting in front of the TV cameras and said, “Israel must pull out of Gaza and stop the blockade. Then we will talk.” What a big surprise! That’s what happened in 2009 and their “talk” was more rockets being lobbed at Jewish homes. [Sigh] Let’s hope Bi Bi doesn’t wimp out like all the others. No Ceasefire until there is total victory.! More at http://moshesharon.wordpress.com

Moshe Sharon Surfside,Fl 25 March 2011

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