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Why die in Marjah?

Marjah Helmand AfghanistanObama understands that he has to extract American troops from Afghanistan before the Taliban takes over the country, but the fundamentalist group refuses to negotiate. The Americans, therefore, have decided to turn up the heat on the Taliban with an assault on the town of Marjah in a backwater Helmand province.

The assumption is wrong. The Taliban won’t take their defeat at Marjah as a problem. Unlike elected presidents, they think long-term, and they know that the Americans will withdraw, Marjah or no Marjah.

The real question is, what does it take for American soldiers to risk their lives for no cause?

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I am suprised that the Israelis do not support the american soldiers. Were it not for the Americans you would not be able to live in the baron desert land you call Israel. American dollars supported the development and protection of the sand under your feet.
I say Good Luck to the Marines, Happy hunting in Marjah, kill all of the drug dealers, kill all of the insurgents, destroy the poppy fields and the drug labs, you are entering a target rich environment so remember’ anything worth shooting is worth shooting twice!!

Slammer22 LakeWorthless 12 February 2010

The US involvement in Afghanistan in wrongheaded and hopeless. We wish your soldiers safe rather than dead for no good reason. American aid to Israel amounts to less than 2% of our GDP, and the United States gets more than enough from us in return. In all our wars, the White House tied our hands rather than helped us. In 1948, America embargoed weapons shipments to Israel. In 1956, America forced Israeli withdrawal from Sinai. In 1967, America sought to prevent us from preempting. In 1973, America barred us from striking first. America gives Palestinians terrorists more per capita aid than to Israel, and gives Egypt just a bit less aid than us.

admin 12 February 2010

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