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White House welcomes its defeat

The US State Dept congratulated the 32 Latin American and Caribbean countries that met in Mexico to create an all-encompassing regional bloc which excludes the US and Canada. Obama’s hugs with Chavez did not pay.

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Why should the USA and Canada care. They are just an Exclusive Club of poor Ghettos any how. Full of Conflicts, eg: Venezuela has already declared that it will not pay DDHH fees to the Ornanisation of American States, because it did not like its Criticisms. Bolivia has water and Ocean Claims against Chile and so does Peru, Arg have problems with Chile and England, Peru have also issues with Ecuador etc, etc. The highest GDP is Chile and Mexico. There are demonstration right now in Arg – the Unemployed. There is excessive Corruption in Colombia, Brazil and Mexico and so on and so on. They have signed so many treaties and none of them have worked, therea are as many treaties as there are statues in the Plazas in Latin America, this is just one more. SO, WHO REALLY CARES, the people in Latin America certainly dont and I am one of them – Signed: Chilean Jew. THAT IS THE TRUTH !

Alfred Sydney 26 February 2010

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