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Where does Jewish money go?

Where does Jewish money go?American Jewish federations raised $925 million last year. Something must be fishy about their accounting: most of that money is known to have come from working Jewish families, and there are simply not enough families to raise such an amount. Besides, the total has remained almost unchanged since it peaked at $1.04 billion in 2008, though donations would dwindle in crisis. Another $1.5 billion came from endowments.

Jewish parents in the US pay for their children to be educated in Hebrew schools. Elderly Jews receive Medicare benefits. It would not be easy, therefore, for American Jews to spend $2.4 billion for Jewish causes in America. And indeed, Jewish federations have found a solution: they spend the money on non-Jews in over 70 countries.

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How much of the yearly $2.4 billion that is raised from “jewish sources” is actually recycled/laundered U.S. congressional foreign aid?How much of that $2.4 billion ends up back in U.S. congressional bribes and election races?

Barry Leonardini Woodside,Ca 01 May 2011

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