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What's wrong with Moscow terrorist attacks?

One Rasul Magomedov, a Muslim, identified a Moscow suicide bomber as his daughter. The Russian security service claims she was married to an Islamist militant. How could that be true if her parents were unaware of the marriage? The alleged bomber was a pious Muslim woman who lived permanently with her parents, and only disappeared a day before the attack, allegedly traveling the significant distance between Dagestan and Moscow in so short a time.

In previous bombings, Russian security services framed Muslims in order to start a war, but this time a war in Chechnya is unlikely. Russia’s president has declared the need to differentiate between “gangsters” and Muslim civilians. The later, therefore, are not to be attacked as they were a decade ago, when Russian troops killed some 10% of Chechnya’s civilian population—exposing an attitude slightly different from Russian concerns over the slight Arab fatalities in Gaza during Israeli anti-terrorist operations.

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