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What kind of war would it be?

Hezbolah rocketsThe Iranian arms shipment hijacked by Israel, included 3,000 rockets—a bit less than the total number Hezbollah fired at Israel during the 2006 Lebanon war. That shipment would bring Hezbollah’s rocket arsenals to about 50,000, a mammoth amount by any measure.

In the highly successful first strike of the 2006 war, IAF eliminated about half of Hezbollah’s rockets. No doubt Hezbollah is digging deeper and expects the next score to be much lower. Thus, it is preparing to launch some 20–30 thousand missiles at Israel.

Such an attack would devastate Israel’s northern communities and prompt harsh retaliation against Lebanon. Even as Hezbollah is becoming an increasingly political force, Iran is preparing it for an apocalyptic war with Israel.

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