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What Jews can, Pope cannot

Jewish groups are up in arms over Pope Benedict XVI taking a step toward the beatification of Pope Pius XII. Benedict issued an edict entitled “On virtues” regarding his predecessor, evidently with an eye toward eventually pronouncing Pius a saint.

Jewish groups claim that Pius did not do enough to save Jews. But there was hardly anything he could have done, because the Nazis would have had no trouble replacing him.

But Pius did more for the Jews than any Allied or American Jewish leader. While America and Britain refused visas to Jewish refugees, the pope hid a considerable number of Jews. While American Jewish organizations refrained from violent protests against the government’s inaction, Pius launched extensive covert operations to save the Jews.

The Jewish organizations which honored their worthless leaders cannot judge the Vatican for honoring its pope.

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everyone knows that pius XII was an evil man, who did much to cause innocent Jews to be killed. He did not save Jewish lives; on the contrary he was a vicious anti semite. To write that Chief Rabbi Metger is a known crook, is a disgrace to mankind. you mean that Rabbi Metger is the bad man and pius the evil is a good man. we all know that the present pope is even worse than pius because he claimes that evil is good and good is evil. he never said one word that was pro jewish. His visit to israel was an affront to all good people. He said that the Germans killed Jews wow!! he did not say that they murdered and burned and gassed Jews. Because he was alive during WWII and he was a nazi himself. the fact that the was chosen as pope proves that to be a pope you do not need to have a clean record. you can be a murderer and then chosen as pope if the cardinals like you. So, what is new? in our world evil is good and good is evil and this has been so for year. But to believe that in Israel, people will also be judged by this ruler is frightening. Yes, here in Israel, if you are an arab you are good and if you are a Jew you are bad. Arabs may destory jewish houses of worship but if a Jew passes a mosqaue and a fire breaks out(set by Arab thug tgeenagers) the Jew is blamed, put in jail without access toa lawyer, and then held in cognito for months until someoe wakes up and shows the dog judges that the arab kid told his brother that he burned the mosque. This is the siuation and it is time to change the manner in which we live here. It is the era for change as the Hussein in D.C. says and is time to change from evil to good and everyone is innocent until he is proven bad.

joshua JerusalemtheHoly 11 September 2011

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