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What does it take to declare them non-grata?

The EU instructed 25 of its Consuls General in Israel to step up their pro-Palestinian activism. They have to be present at the demolitions of illegal houses—which, in practice, means encouraging Arab mobs to attack Jewish municipal workers. Diplomats also have to attend court hearing on demolitions, a transparent attempt to influence the already left-leaning judges.

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THESE 25 consuls generals should have passports
turned in and given 25 hours to leave Israel.

Donald Barnes Grenada,Ms.38902 11 January 2011

piss on the eu israel have the right to builb on there own land . kick the 25 consuls generals out off the country. keep on bulding an too hell with the u.n the u.s may destroy there own country with in they own too much money too china .

ernie newglasgow 12 January 2011

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