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What do you do with ten-year-old terrorists?

Afghan police captured two unusual shahids, ten-year-olds with explosive belts. To a somewhat lesser degree, this is also a problem in Israel, where underage Arabs perpetrate deadly attacks on Israeli cars with rocks and firebombs.

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Dear Shoher;

It is sad that the Jewish community has drifted so far from YHWH’s instruction that such problems occur. Not that I am saying USA is better, but most people here have no clue about torah; Jews should be expected to know better, a bit at least.

Since there was no age limit mentioned in the case of the drunkard, gluttonous, disobedient son, I wonder if age would righteously be a factor in a case like this?

If they would have killed in their attack, how could their youth, according to torah, spare them, since even an animal if it kills must be put to death?

If no blood was shed, would not restitution be in order, to pay for damages, cost of law enforcement and additional security, etc? Perhaps seizing of family property would be an option? Or indentured servitude?

I do not know of torah relating to attempted murder, but in the case of a lying witness, intent alone to convict an innocent one justifies up to the death penalty, so I would expect that intent would be a factor in the judgement.

Perhaps exile would be an easy way out. Have you considered the incidents where the Kings of Judah put the sodomites out of the land or destroyed their places of business? Exile for all involved and implicated?

I don’t know or actually care enough about islam to speculate what the Afghans would do. I have confidence it would be simple and effective. Probably involve corporal punishment. Which might not be a bad idea either.

Thanks for the interesting and provocative news reports and articles. The common sense is refreshing. If it was accompanied by national (or even international) repentance it would be even more so.

And I guess that is why I am for Ron Paul 2012. I belive he would be the best American president ever for Israel, and since at least Andrew Jackson or Lincoln for the USA.

YHWH bless,

Walter Schwenk PineGrove 14 February 2012

It seems The mooslums are serious when they proclaim their children are fertilizer for the Jewish homeland. G_D gave the Jews the title deed forever.

william jackson 16 February 2012

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