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What are we to make of the Hussein's election?

First and foremost, don’t count on American Jews. They did nothing to help us during the Holocaust or any of the Israeli wars. Their 77 percent support for Obama further confirms this fact: Israel for them is a painful reminder of their own Jewishness.

Obama is unpredictable because he is totally unprincipled. He is equally ready to socialize with Jews and heinous anti-Semites. He has no respect for the law (an illegal immigrant aunt). If AIPAC makes him eager for Jewish support, Obama might support Israel. That’s hardly realistic, as the American Jews don’t support a strike on Iran or annexing Judea and Samaria. Under AIPAC’s pressure, Obama might supply Israel with some weapons, and perhaps even abstain from the irrelevant US-Saudi arms deal, but would do nothing substantially positive for Israel.

Obama is not a self-righteous fanatic like Jimmy Carter, and lacks Carter’s determination to bend Israeli will. We should expect significant pressure to capitulate to the Palestinians, but nothing like the pressure that was exerted by Carter. As usual, Israeli leaders will be able to duck temporarily and will then obstruct the Administration’s decisions with myriad technicalities. Both Netanyahu and Livni’s governments will be too weak for a Sharon-type iron fist disengagement. Livni might be smart enough to abandon the remote settlements instead of forcibly evacuating them.

Obama’s associates present a greater danger to Israel because they will keep inciting the world’s leftists and Arabs against a stiff-necked Israel.

Obama will engage in what we shall term “a Harvard syndrome”—endless talking on the presumption that real-life conflicts can be settled like Harvard classroom disputes. Obama has yet to encounter enemies who are determined, unpalatable, and have different systems of values and goals opposed to his.

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Thank you for providing us with this clear analysis.

Erick S Israel 05 November 2008

You are a nut

1 1 05 November 2008

Any other objections?

admin 05 November 2008

Here’s what to make of the Barack Hussein Mohammed Obama election: You have a little over two months left to take care of the Iranian nuclear weapons program while you can still get support from President Bush. Either that or pray real hard that the price of oil collapses enough so that the Iranian regime cannot pay for the program.

Robert 17 November 2008

Hussein election is luckily is a forgotten past now. But at that time Hussein election a topic #1 for discussion.

Corey SpokaneWA 24 June 2010

Western Wall Rabbi annoying occasion shows that Jews are not that far from Arabs judging by their inner qualities. So, this election was for them a happy event probably.

Sawyer TopekaKS 24 June 2010

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