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What are they waiting for?

Iran has begun loading uranium rods into the Bushehr reactor and announced that it will start generating electricity within 40 days. That is a reasonable estimate.

Israel and the US will not bomb a loaded reactor for fear of contamination. The presumption is that nuclear contamination of the Tel Aviv area (when the Iranians extract plutonium from Bushehr) is preferable to the contamination of Iran.

Bushehr reactor

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Iran has a History of disturbing and distressing
ways,for it has manifested itself for its own recognition,at the same time supporting Terrorist activity.
For it has perverted its own religious beliefs to exerts its influence on the Western peoples.

And spreading of hate & distrust to those that are currently in Power on a Global scale.

It is like a Serpents nest spreading its tentacles throughout the world.

It also has perpetrated a world wide intrusion of underhanded dealings with terrorist activities in the support of terrorism.

For Human life does mean anything to evilness.

That’s why they hang there citizens for there missguided religious beliefs and self righteous ways.

Ayatollahs if have any senses of Righteousness then pray to Alla for forgiveness for the devil has clouded you mind.

For no were is safe from this Devils Cesspit.

And we ourselves are to blame for allowing all this to happen in are own back yards.

As for the Nuclear reactor peaceful purposes! are we also mad, or is something wrong with are thinking process!.

The Serpent is preparing for a massive onslaught in all areas.

Its creating an Eastern timber box, and getting ready reproduce those missiles that they tried to obtain from there so called friends.

These people are so Devious that only the devil would recognize as there brothers.

We must not allow other Nations to fall or the Balance of Power will shift into a Radical state and will effect the hold western hemisphere. where it will rob us of are Culture & Heritage
The very thing are Father and Grandads fought for.

It is complete useless us to pay are respects and honer those that sacrificed there lives in two world wars on remembrance day, when you cannot uphold there right and what they died for,so you may live today.

For a New Generation has taken over from there Fathers, and again the Serpent Raises it Ugly Head.

We must all rally together to put an end to all this evilness.

And divert are thoughts onto this oncoming threat which will incur massive loss of life.

The Time Bomb is Ticking for us all.

And dont make the mistake of offering, Peace in are Time, Herr Ayatollahs.

For the World will not be on your Side.

A R Thompson Bournemouth 15 November 2010

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