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We have an Arab problem

When the Public Security Minister announced, ‘We are in control of the situation,’ he could have been right about the Carmel fire, but he was wrong in substance.

Dozens of deliberately set fires have been recorded across Israel in the last four days, all of them set by Arabs. Whether they started the original fire or not, they clearly took note of it and committed copycat crimes. It stands to reason that Israeli Arabs will embrace this easy means of sabotage. For decades they have been setting Jewish forests on fire, but now they may launch a military arson effort.

Israel has plenty of soft targets: forests and water pipes, fuel trucks, small chlorine stations, etc. They cannot be efficiently protected against Arab patriots. There is no option but to expel them all.

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It`s disgusting what these evil people get away with, you never hear about these arson attacks in the news and from what you say it`s been going on for ages!
These arsonists must be found and given long prison sentences!
Why is it that when it is happening to Israel you hardly ever hear about it?
It`s appalling the way it`s kept from the world!

Carole ColwynBay 06 December 2010

If any one is found committing this wanton horrific damage on a unmanageable scale,which results in loss of life,prison is not the answer it only mitigates the sentence and condones this act on mother nature herself; Of which all humans depend on.
For are Nations of Peoples have become weak in the Head, its time,to adjust in a more positive way.

Arthur Ronald Thompson Bournemouth 06 December 2010

We know the Israeli regime and its agents are lying when they tell us it was caused by “negligence.” That is an orwellian term for terrorism. We know that the fires were ALL started by jihadists.

no name 06 December 2010

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