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War-2020 scenario unfolds

A nuclear exchange between Israel and Syria, depicted by Ralph Peters in his futuristic The War in 2020, may come true. Arab media report Ahmadinejad, worried about Syrian peace overtures to Israel, offered Syria during his Thursday visit, a billion dollars for military procurement from Russia and nuclear research. Iranians deny the arrangement.

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Not one nuclear rocket will hit Israel. Even if by the wind and the very hand of the Almighty – they will be extinguised and ther directions reversed. When oh when will the Jewish people trust in Hashem again? He is your shield and buckler. Can the enemy stop the time? Can they bring the earth to a hault? foolish men playing with matches.

peace2b FortLauderdale 24 July 2007

My heart is with you Israel. My prayers to. May the G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob show himself strong on your behalf. Like at the Red sea, he is your only salvation. There is none like him. Thank you for all you have done and given to this world.


Ellie Bates Lockport,NY 24 July 2007

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