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Vienna agreement expands Iranian nuclear program

The IAEA reported happily that Iran has agreed to a draft agreement under which it would export 75% of its nuclear stocks to Russia for processing into uranium rods. The devil is in the details.

The agreement does not obligate Iran to reveal its nuclear stocks, other than those enriched in Natanz. At least since 1991, Iran has imported tons of low-enriched uranium—and the latest large shipment arrived from North Korea this spring.

The agreement allows Iran to use Russian uranium rods at the Tehran Nuclear Research Center in Amirabad—something the ayatollahs have previously been denied. The small reactor produces plutonium. In conjunction with Russia, Iran enriches uranium in Amirabad by plasma method, a hugely expensive method whose only advantage is a small footprint, potentially allowing uranium enrichment in an apartment building.

If  Iran signs the agreement it will get foreign aid—and time to develop nuclear enrichment technologies.

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Iran Vienna agreement seems to be so important to Jews only. And the situation is like this not for the first time.Iran Vienna agreement means that people start trusting Arabs a bit more which is definitely a positive moment.

Jarah GrandForksND 24 June 2010

News on freedom of speech proves to be really optimistic since I do doubt if there was no such a thing, Israelis would ever have an opportunity to talk as openly as they do now.

Brennan JuneauAK 24 June 2010

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