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Vatican protests Yad Vashem inscription

Days after Haifa’s chief rabbi shamefully pleaded with Vatican to cancel beautification of Pope Pius XII – as if Catholic rites as Jews’ business – Vatican objected to an inscription in Yad Vashem which states very mildly that the pope hardly did anything to save Jews. When tens of thousands of devout Catholics hunted and murdered Jews during Holocaust, and tens of millions of other devout Catholics raised no objection to the slaughter, the soon-to-be-beautified pope might well be a bit outspoken.

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For we Catholics a saint must be a person of demonstrated virtue. Eugenio Pacelli,later Pius XII, did not at any time demonstrate what the Vatican is calling ‘heroic virtue’.
At that time the Vatican’s silence concerning war atrocities is baffling and very ,very wrong.
From the time Pacelli was a prelate working in Germany his work there was seeded with Facist friendships.
Pius, may have inherited his skills from his father who had been named Dean of the Vatican lawyers. Pacelli was a shrewd dipolmat, and like all politicians he was often deliberately deceptive.
While Pacelli was still prelate, living in Germany, he and his brother Franceso carried out the responsibility of the Lantern Treaty. The chief Articles of the Lantern Treaty, the official deal with Mussolini’s Fascist government, gave the Vatican 92.1 million American dollars. In exchange the fascist government made Catholicism Italy’s official religion,denied support of any other school system, only Catholic marriages were allowed, and there could be no divorce. In exchange Mussolini would approve prelates to high positions. On February 11, 1932, Mussolini was presented with the Vatican’s highest honour: The Papal Order Of the Golden Spur.
And this was only the beginning; for successfully conducting the Lantern Treaty Pius XI made Pacelli Vatican Secretary of State( effectively Pope’s Prime Minister)and he immediately left for Rome.
There is, also, The Solemn Agreement the Vatican made with Germany, guaranteeing the freedom of the Vatican to open new churches. Education was curiously not mentioned in this agreement but Pacelli had a ‘gentlemen’s agreement’ with the German government that Catholic schools would function without interference.
There are other shadows surrounding Pacelli: The brilliant and charismatic speaker, Father Charles Coughlin who was silenced and disappeared from view after speaking out against FDR’s proposed New
Deal. FDR conplained to the vatican, Pacelli visited the US, ostensibly for a holiday, and the charming and firey priest dropped from view.
While superfically maintaining the Vatican’s traditional positioin of neutrality Pius was anything but neutral. While living in Germany he was know to have done a lot of wheeling and dealing and at Pacelli’s going away party General Paul Hindenburg toasted the prelate,’”Germany will not forget you or your work.”

It is another curiosity that the 92.1 million that was received from Mussolini’s Facist government was put under the control of one mysterious man, Bernardino Nogara, a close friend of Mussolins’s, who remained master of the Vatican treasury for thirty years.
Careful scrutiny of the Vatican’s unofficial policy during the war years raises the question of war profiteering.
Truly, during the time Pius XII was in Rome the whole world was held in the grip of madness. The leader of almost every nation, Pius XII included, refused to acknowledge the enormity of the crisis the Jews faced.(The voyage of the damned) When I think of Franco, Stalin, Hitler, McKenzie King, Roosevelt, et cetra, et cetra, it must be that the whole world, and the leaders of nations were held within the grasp of great evil. I think finding a papal saint during these years is a burden to my imagination, especially a pope with an eye on the treasury.

Eve Adams SturgeonFalls 07 March 2010

Beautification of Pope Pius is another dirty thing Catholics are so fond of. Popes have alway been the main enemies to people. Beautification of Pope Pius should be a shame for a Catholic church.

Kim BocaRatonFL 23 June 2010

US free speech stops for Israel and it’s the same here: Jews are expected to keep quiet and say nothing about this outrageous initiative of Vatican.

Lincoln AtlantaGA 23 June 2010

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