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Vatican probed one Holocaust at a time

VaticanHolocaust survivors from Yugoslavia petitioned the EU to investigate Nazi money-laundering through the Bank of the Vatican. The Vatican has denied any wrongdoing.

The quarrel ignores a more important issue. During WWII, the Vatican indeed appropriated relatively little in the way of Jewish assets, but it profited immensely from hundreds of other Jewish holocausts, big and small. Since the early days of Christianity, the Vatican seized the assets of Jews murdered and expelled in pogroms. That is how the Vatican amassed its splendid collection of Jewish religious books, to which it graciously grants Israeli scholars access once in a while.

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the pope an the catholic church screw the jews since history of christianity began don’t trust the pope

ernie newglasgow 30 October 2010

Something needs to be done about the vatican and their antisemitism!!!

Miryam seneca 02 November 2010

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