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Vatican embraces 16th-century anti-Semitic mass

Vatican has never banned the Tridentine Mass despite the Nostra Aetate and other shows of rapprochement with Jews, but Pope Benedict is expected to bring it back into mass use by Catholics.
Vatican recognized Israel only in 1993.

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What else should we expect from Caesar? While there are individual Catholics that are righteous gentiles, the institution of the “Church” is a profanity against G-d. It forbids the ‘be fruitful and multiply’ wishes of the Almighty, it has more blood on it’s hands than any leader, Nation or movement in the history of mankind, it has failed to return STOLEN artifacts, to their rightful owners, the Jews of Israel, it’s OUR HISTORY, not theirs, but then, there just might be something that ;proves them the liars they are. Now we have a Caesar that was a NAZI, in living color, and he makes no excuses, in fact, his latest move shows he extols this virtue of his. His ‘Church’ has been totally infiltrated by pedophiles and sodomites. He’s just done in public what’s been a private dirty little secret in the catacombs of the Vatican where the real rituals take place.
It saddens me that my Catholic friends blindly follow a heretic who is proud of the Jewish blood on his hands. What’s next? Sieg Pope!

rob newcastle 02 July 2007

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