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US uninsured: a fake scare

US uninsured: a fake scareLeftist media are making a great deal of noise over the Kaiser Foundation report, which puts the number of uninsured Americans at 50 million.

The truth is different. According to the report, 19% of non-elderly Americans are uninsured. But that figure misses the point: most medical expenses by far go to elderly people, so the data for younger people is largely irrelevant.

Even among younger Americans, the uninsured make up 16% of native citizens and 49% of non-citizens. The 16% figure corresponds to similar figure in the Health Status table: 16% of the uninsured are in excellent health. Naturally, native citizens in excellent health don’t bother buying health insurance.

The uninsured ratio is still lower among children: only 10% of children are uninsured, most of them presumably non-citizens. The greatest number of uninsured among all age groups is those aged 1925. This is the healthiest group, which does not want insurance. Among working families, only 8% are uninsured, and the number would be still lower if we were to discount Hispanics, a whopping 34% of whom are uninsured.

For responsible adults, the health insurance situation can only be described as excellent.

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There is no reason for any country,not to be able to afford Health Care. and pay for it are selves.
For out in are Towns,City’s, & Villages to are those that have little money spend,for there lives and well being are just as important as yours.And treatment must be There, for all see and have access to Hospitals for whatever your Complaint maybe,with dignity and respect to all;or you will be shown the Door if you befoul what are nations has given to you and the poor!.
And now we must think of Funds for such a Scheme.
A Nations Health Care cost a pretty penny or two. To be able to help your Mother, father, and Children too.Attach a penny on all items you Buy and every pound you make,for that will give you funds galore,and we all pay for it Rich & Poor!.

A R Thompson B/mouthUK 29 December 2010

But the uninsured are overwhelmingly non-citizens.

admin 30 December 2010

What planet are you living on, where so many people are insured? I know people who are loosing their homes, jobs, don’t have health insurance, etc. Is this some kind of parallel Republican country club universe where everyone is jogging along beautiful paths in full knowledge they have it all? Most uninsured are non-citizens? get real! Go walk in an inner city, or poorer part of your town. Get off your golf carts and mingle with the uninsured citizenry!

James G. sarasota 30 March 2011

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