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US pushes Syria closer to Iran

An American IAEA rep demanded that Syria account to the IAEA for its nuclear program—bombed by Israel a year ago—or face the same type of isolation and sanctions as Iran. Never mind that Iran is not isolated in the first place, but actively exports oil and gas all over the world.

What is expected of Syria? Assad will not come out talking about his military nuclear program. At most, Syria would offer a laughable explanation for the  uranium traces in its destroyed nuclear site—something like its earlier statement that Israelis purposely contaminated the site with fissionable material. Presumably, at that point the US will apply sanctions and further isolate Syria, leaving it with Iran as its only partner.

Barack Obama might prefer negotiations with Syria. His secretary of state Clinton had already met with Assad despite the official US policy of isolating his regime.

On a positive note, any international confrontation with Syria freezes the Syrian-Israeli peace talks, which would cost Israel the Golan Heights and half of Lake Kineret, her only significant water source.

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