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US, Israel do not believe in peace with Arabs

A few days ago the Obama administration agreed to finance Israel’s Iron Dome SAM battery—which only makes sense if both countries expect the rocket attacks from Gaza to continue for years to come.

In Israel, police battled haredi demonstrators who were protesting the relocation of graves in Ashkelon to make room for the underground facility of Barzilai Hospital. The facility only makes sense if the government expects Grad rockets from Gaza three years from now.

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At last the Israelis realise that nothing they do will stop Hamas and the palestinian attacks against them!
There is no point therefore, in giving up any more land to the palestinians or agreeing to divide Jerusalem!
They just need to seek God in prayer for their safety, He will come to their aid!!

Carole ColwynBay 20 May 2010

Israel is not alone. Just as predicted in the scriptures, Israel the nation, before it became a nation spoke of Jacobs trouble and what God has said must come to pass, my prayers are for my brothers and sisters in Israel. It is through the scriptures that the people of Israel so carefully handed down from generation to generation that we were to be led to truth, not of this world but a promise of another…we are so greatful for this…You Israel need to know this from me… We love you not as the surrounding enemies that are blind leaders of the blind around you but of one who has been awakened in Christ. Be strong The lord is coming and His reward is in His hand!!! What has been written must take place. Keep your eyes on Christ and remember the the words…BLESSED IS HE WHO COMES IN THE NAME OF THE LORD!!!Remember the promise you are His and He is yours.Send me emails that I may know you’ve heard me..SHEMA Deat.6:4

jesse vera LosBanos 11 November 2010

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