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US green card is the biggest threat to Israel

Green cardIranian nukes and Syrian chemical weapons are an insignificant threat to Israeli security compared to American visas. Should the United States open its borders to Israelis, it would not be long before very few people were left here.

The US has taken a step toward depopulating our country’s entrepreneurial class by extending E-2 business green cards to Israelis.

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I guess I have more faith in the majority of israeli’s than do you. I know my kids (3 of 4 would qualify for “entrepreneurial”), all sabras, would never make that choice.

sabashimon Jerusalem/Seattle 27 May 2012

Perhaps when Israel remembers it was created as a safe haven for Jews and is a Jewish state there will be less fear of losing talented educated Jews to the US. What difference a watered down Israel and the US. Just more security in the US compared to constantly threatened Israel that does little but complain. When Israel returns to what its founding fathers and forefathers meant it to be then more real Jews will consider emmigration to Israel and be more supportive of Israel.

Gail Ajax 27 May 2012

Religious Jews should stay in Israel. Seculars should come to LA. You can practice any kind of Judaism you want, and America will welcome your entrepreneurial spirit. The weather is just like Israel’s and there’s a great Israeli and Jewish community already here.

Hannah LA 28 May 2012

i set fire to my US passport with a torch lighter so this green card idea is good for me in the case i ever want to return to the us and end up in a FEMA concentration camp.

i don’t have a valid Israeli passport either since i don’t leave here but if insanity does strike me some day and i decide to go to California which has become the most totalitarian state in the US nation i thought i had already taken enough measures to protect my self from my self from the US deathtrap but now heres the green card option.

Guy Jaffa 28 May 2012

A way out for expelled settlers?

The plan to expel Jews from Yesha would cause great social and economic upheaval in Israel. Think of the housing problem alone, the rise in rents, and the insertion of religious Zionists amidst leftist and indifferent Jews.

But what if Yesha refugees could easily emigrate to the US? The Israeli government would welcome such a way out for them. It’s a diabolical plan, but quite possible.

I’m not saying religious Zionists would emigrate.

I’m just saying that from the State Department’s and the Israeli elite’s points of view, that’s a possibility.

The current Brain Drain, however, is another side of the US war against Israel.

Canadian Otter 28 May 2012

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