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US considers attacking Iran with GCC states rather than Israel

The US is conducting massive exercises near Iranian shores in tandem with the Saudi Arabian, UAE, Kuwaiti, and Bahraini air forces. Iranian demands to cease these operations have so far been ignored.

The GCC states have excellent air fleets. The UAE, for one, received FoF codes for its US-built aircraft, which would allow them to target Israeli planes. The UAE pilots’ training is abysmal, however, and flying through even Iran’s relatively primitive TOR-1M defenses would beyond their ability. Also, it is hard to imagine the UAE joining an attack on Iran, its behemoth neighbor.

Notably, the exercise excluded the Israeli air force.

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I think you will eventualy find that this action is more than a snub at Israel. The US under the guidance of President Obama has been active in reducing the effectiveness of Israeli forces. Through security releases. positioning of US naval and airforce resourses,and the need to equip Israel’s neighbours with some pretty impressive hardware the US seems bent on denying Israel real security.

Billy Claremont 10 April 2012

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