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UNSC pushes North Korea to war

The UNSC has adopted relatively tough sanctions against North Korea, banning all military exports from the communist state and instituting open-water inspections of North Korean ships. It remains unclear how the UNSC expects to forcibly inspect North Korean cargo on chartered ships registered in other countries.

The sanctions demonstrate the difference between oil-less Korea and oil-rich Iran. The UNSC does not mind slapping the economically irrelevant North Korea with sanctions.

The sanctions won’t change North Korea’s behavior, as it has many options for smuggling its military equipment. Moreover, North Korea’s largest cash cow is technological transfer rather than export of hard goods. A computer disk with manuals on rocket and nuclear technology is impossible to intercept.

In response, North Korea predictably vowed to reprocess its entire stock of uranium into plutonium to make bombs. By refusing to bomb the North Korean reactor and offering it the casus belli of sanctions, the UNSC pushed North Korea toward nuclear proliferation.

Very soon, the communists will sell their first nuclear bombs.

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