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UNRWA school massacre did not happen

Finally, the UNRWA and foreign media have confirmed the Israeli account of the incident that took place on January 6. Earlier, UNRWA, “human rights” groups accused Israel of shelling a UNRWA school where forty-three Arabs were killed. A row developed between IDF and UNRWA; IDF claimed that terrorists had fired at the troops from the school, which UNRWA denied.

After the fog of war dissipated, it appeared that guerrillas had fired at IDF troops from a crowded street, prompting IDF to shell their position – naturally, killing the bystanders.

UNRWA did not retract on its demand to investigate Israeli shelling of its school.

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IDF did not shell UNRWA school of course but the UN is so keen on accusing Jews at least of something that next time they’ll say the Israelis have set off a nuclear bomb. IDF did not shell UNRWA school but it’s very problematic to convince the world of Jewish innocence.

Shilo LasVegasNV 22 June 2010

And Micky Bavli is against expulsion. ALL non-Jews should leave the country and the sooner the better.

Elisha Hamilton 22 June 2010

UNRWA school Gaza insists on suffering is another lie of Palestine. What is interesting is why the world believes Palestinians but not Jews! UNRWA school Gaza is lying about is an attempt to blacken Israel’s reputation even more.

Iason Tirana,Albania 22 June 2010

Russian militairy news says the same: Americans lie. As many other nations unfortunately do too.

Achak Nicosia,Cyprus 22 June 2010

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