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UNHCR protests expulsion of Africans

A leftist Jewish rep of UN commission on refugees Micki Bavli demands that Israel don’t deport the infiltrators. Micki, go keep the Blacks in your own house if you like them.

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micki bavlis familyshould be killed and let micki live. let him live with the pain jews go thru day in and day out with the arab scumbags who always kill jews

Anonymous 03 March 2008

It’s milky ball less. Jeez when we gonna have lessons on Satire?
Satire is its own Petard

Emeq Hawaii 16 March 2008

Micky Bavli must support Palestinians and all those Ephiopians who illegally come to live in Israel. Micky Bavli expulsed himself to one of the countries he prefers Ethiopia being the best option.

Saul JacksonvilleFL 22 June 2010

UAE military purchase must be not a sufficient proof of the fact that Arabs, Africans and some other nations will never be friendly towards Israel.

Jeff KeyWestFL 22 June 2010

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