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UN demands educating toddlers on homosexuality

According to UNESCO’s newly released International Guidelines on Sexuality Education, children from five years up must learn masturbation, HIV prevention, and the dangers of homophobia—in other words, the goodness of homosexuality.

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That’s good news.
Although your headline is misleading – there is a distance between educating for tolerance and actually advocating something (especially something “un-advocable” like homosexuality – it’s not something you choose).

Maoz 29 August 2009

Sure, in most cases homosexuality is a lifestyle

admin 29 August 2009

Meh, screw the UN. The kids don’t need to be “taught” about this stuff by an international political organization. They’ll pick it up on their own as life progresses. O.K., I’ll qualify that. Sex education is valid, but the kids don’t need “International Guidelines on Sexuality Education” from the august ‘United Nations’ when parents fulfill that role in the home. Let them bluster all they want…carry on parents.

dendron Jacksonville 06 September 2009

but they refuse to teach Holocaust and turn blind when jewhate is taught in same schools

KatWomanUSA 26 September 2009

Education about homosexuality in Israeli Schools will hardly ever begin. Luckily Israel is not that crazy as many other countries are. Besides, it has been proven that it’s not good when children get to know about sexual life too early.Education about homosexuality in Israeli Schools may be necessary but only as a deterrent who may feel like trying it.

Omar PhiladelphiaPA 22 June 2010

Sheikh Jarrah situation proved that homosexualism is not the worst thing Jews should be apprehensive of.

Kyran KeyWestFL 22 June 2010

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