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Ultra-leftists clash with police over Sheikh Jarrah home

The ultra-left bunch have succeeded in creating a new hot spot: in addition to routine Friday riots near the security barrier in the West Bank, they now riot in Jerusalem.

Ultra-leftists staged a demonstration of about 300 two-legged peaceniks near the Jewish houses in Sheikh Jarrah. Having lost any touch with reality, the demonstrators accused the Jews living in Sheikh Jarrah of thievery, though it is the Jews who legally purchased the house and the Arabs who refused to vacate the building.

Yossi Sarid, an exceptional scum, used the event to return to politics, reneging on his promise to quit four years ago. Tellingly, Sarid expressed concerns over the situation “with families in Sheikh Jarrah,” meaning Arabs. He does not even think of Jewish families.

The Ultra-leftists refused a police order to disperse when their permit expired and actually pushed at the police. Any right-wingers would spend years in jail for attacking police, but a Jerusalem court immediately released the handful of arrested ultra-leftists on bail. Eventually they will pay fines and continue their incitement against Jews.

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Sheikh Jarrah incident is a shame for all decne t Jews having at least some feelings for their motherland. Sheikh Jarrah issue also demonstrated that the government is not ready to show any desire to punish those who break the law which is weird.

Roger MinneapolisMN 22 June 2010

Israeli brainwashing doesn’t work where it should unfortunately. If it did, there wouldn’t be clashes like this.

Myles NomeAK 22 June 2010

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