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Ukraine honors its Nazis

Victor Yuschenko honors NazisThe Ukrainian president, who was pompously installed in the US-sponsored “Orange revolution,” bestowed the highest state honors on Stephen Bandera, a notorious war criminal who led a Ukrainian battalion of SS troops.

The Ukrainian president was warmly welcomed in Israel not long ago, and Israel is currently finalizing a visa-free travel arrangement which would bring here hordes of Jew-haters from Ukraine.

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We won’t be particular clever if we trust Israel news about Ukraine. as usual there’s too much exaggeration. Like the hordes of Ukrainian doing their best to come to Israel. Very unlucky, I must say. Israel news about Ukraine is not that fair either when it comes to nazism. Jews themselves are guilty here.

Billy Stanley,FalklandIslands 22 June 2010

It’s surprising that after Israel UAE “grinding” moments Arabs are not accused of nazism but Ukrainians are.

Marco Asunción,Paraguay 22 June 2010

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