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Ukraine braces for pogroms

Ukraine’s State Security Service (SBU, former KGB) published a list of culprits allegedly responsible for the 1932-33 famine which took anywhere from two to twenty million lives. The US-propped ultra-nationalist government of Ukraine made the famine into a genocide and uses it to stir hatred to Jews and Russians. Ukrainians claim the bad harvest was somehow a Russian-Jewish conspiracy. The EU recently recognized the Ukrainian famine a genocide even though it equally affected all ethnic groups in the starving area.
The SBU/ KGB’s list features mainly Jewish names. Where the Jews have changed their names to Russian-sounding, the list gives original Jewish names. Many Jews on the list could not possibly have to do anything with the famine as they were employed in other regions and in irrelevant offices, down to the Soviet Statistics Section.
The list of culprits avoids Russian and Ukrainian names of the top Ukrainian government officials of the time who couldn’t but share responsibility for the famine.
Accusations against Jews for the famine are long a part of the Ukrainian anti-Semitic folklore, but it is the first time the security agency sanctions the blood libel.

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Although the Internet has become a power broker for anti-semitism, it can also be a force for fighting back! Many heroes are doing just that: Pastor/Dr. John Hagee, Daniel Pipes, Steve Emerson, Michelle Malkin, and sites: Snapped Shot, JihadWatch, LGF, Infoisrael, WorldNetDaily, BreitBart, PoliticalMavens (but not all of their writers), Camera.Org, Whatthecrap.US, DhimmiWatch, FrontPageMagazine, and many, many more. G-d said: “I will bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you.” Both the UN and the EU are forums for radical, anti-semitic, hate-filled islamists. I wish we didn’t give them so much free press by quoting their rantings so often. Just add the Ukraine to the long list of misinformed, fearful, islamic-infected countries – then IGNORE THEM!

marlene Philadelphia 27 July 2008

You can “IGNORE THEM” all you want, but in the end they don’t ignore you. Isn’t that what happened in Europe in the 1930’s? The Jews of Germany “ignored” the Naxis because they -Nazis- too were just “misinformed”.

Please don’t encourage that type of self-distructive behavior again by wolrd Jewry since we don’t need to come to the brink of total annihilation again.

Gavriel LosAngeles 27 July 2008

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