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UAE's military purchases dwarf Israel's

At the Abu Dhabi IDEX arms show, the oil emirates purchased in excess of $5 billion worth of advanced military equipment. Other Arab countries’ purchases remain undisclosed, but the Saudis generally purchase more than the Emirates.

The UAE and the Saudis are beefing up their armed forces to deter Iran, even though Iran has no plans whatsoever against them, and has not start a single offensive war in recent history. This hysterical attitude is typical of the Arab relationship to Israel, as well.

The Arabs’ military procurement exceeds Israel’s by an order of magnitude.

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Israel UAE competition is like a children’s game. They don’t know what they need all these weapons for but buy them anyway.Israel UAE governments resemble the USA and former USSR behaving loke this.

Joey Cayenne 21 June 2010

According to the news Tzipi Livni supports Israeli purchases no matter how insignificant they may be. Perhaps, he’s right. These are Arabs after all!

Presley Quito,Ecuador 21 June 2010

UAE military purchase proves that the country makes the best of its opportunities in contrast to Israel, and is not particularly worried about who may say what. UAE military purchase may be not that serious. however, it’s significant enough to catch attention.

Ajax PortlandOR 22 June 2010

Success of peacekeeping in Lebanon was also announced after the country has bought some arms. That’ simply a new criterion.

Klevon PierreSD 22 June 2010

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