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Tzipi Livni speaks racism

Livni says, Palestinian state should be created so that Israel exists as democratic Jewish state. Livni means that if Israel annexes Judea and Samaria, their resident Arabs will vote in Israeli elections and democratically vote Jewish state out of existence. Livni ignores a right-wing solution of resettling the West Bank Arabs into Jordan.
Arab citizens of Israel constitute 34% in 0-9 age group.

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Zello 12 May 2008

Following the news Tzipi Livni has got slightly ill making suggestions like this. If we believe the news Tzipi Livni turns out to be a secret supporter of Arabs in Israel.

Duncan PittsburghPA 21 June 2010

Only brainwashed Israeli soldiers may support such a “leader”.

Fabien Honolulu,HI,UnitedStates 21 June 2010

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